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Preserving Barbados’s Cultural Heritage

A debate in the Barbadian Senate over a new piece of legislation that would increase protection for artifacts of cultural significance has Barbadian citizens and politicians alike trying to find the right balance between the right to privacy and the … Continue reading

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Dominican Republic Cultural Artifacts are Returned After Being Illegally Imported into the U.S.

A total of 67 artifacts from the Dominican Republic were returned after being illegally imported into the United States.  The repatriation of these artifacts was brought about by a number of seizures and investigations conducted by the U.S. Immigration and … Continue reading

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New Canadian Exhibit Showcases the Complexities of Mayan Culture

Despite being a renowned ancient culture of Mesoamerica, the Mayan civilization remains full of mysteries. A recent exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, “Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World,” aims to educate visitors about various aspects of the civilization and … Continue reading

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Ancient Cave Linked to Early Christians in Jordan

Archeologist have discovered a cave underneath the world’s oldest church, St. George Church. This cave dates back to 33-70 AD and is believed to be used as a church by 70 disciples of Jesus after the death of Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Earliest known images of apostles discovered with latest technological advances

The catacombs of Rome which had heretofore been a treasure trove of art and architecture continue to impress with the most recent discovery of archaeologists.  Within a room that was known to the scientific community but before had not been … Continue reading

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Turkish Tourism Drive Threatens Ancient Sites

In the past few years, Turkey has been trying to increase their tourism by primarily focusing on upgrading their hotels in larger cities and buying more planes for their airlines.  They have also been trying to increase tourism through religion, … Continue reading

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