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Digital Technology & Cave Restoration

The grouping of Buddhist cave shrines known as Xiangtangshan was created during sixth century China. These shrines have remarkable carvings that, at one time, physically depicted religious texts characteristic of Buddhism and even the Buddha himself; however, throughout the 20th … Continue reading

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Looting Issues in China

In China, looting is taken by many as another way of supporting their families. Many farmers, construction workers, and criminal gangs loot because their living expenses are very high and they need to make their money quickly. One ancient farmer … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of Bianzhong (the set of bells)

Bianzhong was first discovered in China in 1978. Since then the Chinese government and researchers have spared no efforts in resurrecting the bells and the art in relevance. With numerous difficulties ahead, researches kept on exploring the mysteries of the … Continue reading

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“patriotic” acts as people from China go to London buy arts

  China has a long history and comparatively a long history means a more richness of arts. However there was a time when a lot of Chinese art were leaked out of the country for all kinds of reasons. So … Continue reading

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The Double Standard: China’s Promotion & Oppression of their Art

In 2009, China opened its first ever joint exhibition with Taiwan, 60 years after they split amid civil war. With improving relations between the two former rivals, Taiwan’s National Palace Museum displayed 37 loaned items from Beijing in a three-month … Continue reading

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