Lasers Aid Discovery of Mayan City

Archeologists are now using laser technology, called LiDAR, to help reveal cities buried under forests. In Caracol, Belize archeologists have used this technique of shooting lasers from airplanes at the ground and gathering the data to create images of buildings, roads, and agricultural sites previously undiscovered. Caracol is the largest Maya city in Belize, covering about 68 square miles, much of which is terraced agricultural land. The laser images created are incredibly helpful to point archeologists in the right direction of where to begin excavations next and to see the layout of the city. The images show the city to be much larger than previously thought, and have revolutionized the way archeologists go about their work. Watch the video to see how important this new technology is! LiDAR video


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  1. bmflowers says:

    I think it is very neat how technology is being used to help discover archeological sites. Its making the unseen be seen. This made me think of how sonar was used to map the ocean floor. I am particularly impressed by the LiDAR as it can work through the all the trees in the forest. I’m sure this technology is greatly appreciated by archeologist.

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