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Preserving Barbados’s Cultural Heritage

A debate in the Barbadian Senate over a new piece of legislation that would increase protection for artifacts of cultural significance has Barbadian citizens and politicians alike trying to find the right balance between the right to privacy and the … Continue reading

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Dominican Republic Cultural Artifacts are Returned After Being Illegally Imported into the U.S.

A total of 67 artifacts from the Dominican Republic were returned after being illegally imported into the United States.  The repatriation of these artifacts was brought about by a number of seizures and investigations conducted by the U.S. Immigration and … Continue reading

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New Canadian Exhibit Showcases the Complexities of Mayan Culture

Despite being a renowned ancient culture of Mesoamerica, the Mayan civilization remains full of mysteries. A recent exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, “Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World,” aims to educate visitors about various aspects of the civilization and … Continue reading

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Peru Requests Paracas Mantles Be Returned Home

Peru has recently requested that their ancient Paracas mantles, textile wrappings that were used to bury the dead and for shaman costumes, be returned to Peruvian museums. Mantles were extremely labor-intensive and have intricate embroidered designs that are important to … Continue reading

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Lasers Aid Discovery of Mayan City

Archeologists are now using laser technology, called LiDAR, to help reveal cities buried under forests. In Caracol, Belize archeologists have used this technique of shooting lasers from airplanes at the ground and gathering the data to create images of buildings, roads, and … Continue reading

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New Tomb Found at Teotihuacan

In 1998-1999, archaeologists found what appears to be the burial chamber containing the remains of an early leader of Teotihuacan.The tomb, dating from 150 A.D, was found within the Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan, and, inside the tomb the archaeologists found a skeleton of man … Continue reading

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Ancient Monolith Unearthed in Mexico

Just recently, archaeologists discovered an ancient stone in Mexico dating to 700 B.C. The carving was found in Chalcatzingo, a place known to have had historical and commercial ties to the Olmec civilization. The monolith, named the “Triad of Felines,” is five … Continue reading

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New Highway Leads to Discovery

On a desolate hillside pending construction of a new highway outside of Lima,Peru,a well-preserved, ancient cemetery was found in 2004 which dates back 500 years ago, to the Inca empire. The area remained largely undisturbed by human activity, despite its close … Continue reading

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Digital Technology & Cave Restoration

The grouping of Buddhist cave shrines known as Xiangtangshan was created during sixth century China. These shrines have remarkable carvings that, at one time, physically depicted religious texts characteristic of Buddhism and even the Buddha himself; however, throughout the 20th … Continue reading

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Foreign Influences in Artwork/Architecture of Zimbabwe vs Great Zimbabwe

In recent, there have been arguments of Zimbabwe’s struggle to maintain it’s African culture in art from foreign influences, specifically the West and it’s former oppressors. Dr Tony Monda argues that the essence and purpose of Zimbabwe artwork has been lost in the use … Continue reading

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