Stonehenge- Linked to Tombs found at Preseli Hills Quarry

According to an article in Whales Online, a tomb uncovered in the Preseli Hills Quarry may be the sight at which the original builders of Stonehenge were buried. Archaeologists have come to this speculation because this is the site where the Bluestones used in construction of the first stage of Stonehenge were quarried. The bluestones at Stonehenge are set in pairs that closely resemble the bluestones found at the “henge-like” site of the tomb. One thing that continues to mystify Archaeologists is the fact that the site of the quarry in Whales is so far from the site of Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain. However, it is believed that there are many springs in the Preseili Hills area that were used for ancient religious and burial ceremonies. For this reason, the rocks at this site may have been the ones chosen for the construction of Stonehenge. In light of this new discovery, theories revolving around the idea that stones to build this monument originally came from Pembrokeshire have been dismissed. Archaeologists and historians seem to be one step closer to uncovering all of the mysteries behind Stonehenge!

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  1. csphang says:

    I think so many people today have the notion that “Well, we’ve been studying pieces of art for centuries now, there’s really nothing new to learn from them. We’ve spent decades closely examining Stonehenge so haven’t we pretty much studied everything there is to know about it?” And Claire I think your post proved why this conventional view is so wrong.

    Since art is so entangled in patterns of culture and meaning, I think there’s always something new we can discover about them. It’s almost like cultures leave an imprint in their artwork, and there are limitless ways we can interpret these imprints. Your post on the link between the tombs at the Preseli Hills Quarry and the bluestones from Stonehenge really embodied this.

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