New Tomb Found at Teotihuacan

In 1998-1999, archaeologists found what appears to be the burial chamber containing the remains of an early leader of Teotihuacan.The tomb, dating from 150 A.D, was found within the Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan, and, inside the tomb the archaeologists found a skeleton of man that apparently was sacrificed, mirrors, blades,shells and remains of animals. Prior to this tomb, several other burial chambers have been found in the moon period in previous years; All of the tombs presented bodies that apparently were sacrificed for a certain rituals, mostly religious rituals. The most recently tomb, however, is different from the other tombs due to its royal character, and the purpose of the sacrifice. The believed royalty member apparently was sacrificed as part of the building dedication.

In addition to thoroughly investigating the origins of the city of Teotihuacan,  The article displays the importance of sacrifice in the mesoamerican societies, and how structurally  intricate some pyramids can be.Edit

here is the link:

Angela M.H Schuster. “New Tomb at Teotihuacan”. Archaeology Magazine. march 1999. Web

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  1. mejamerson says:

    I found this article very interesting based on the fact that the person sacrificed was one of royalty. This semester we’ve studied many sites where there have been a human sacrifice, but it is usually lesser people sacrificed for royalty. For instance, in Tomb 1 (The Lord of Sipan) other people were found buried with him for assistance, possibly due to human sacrifice. However, the person of higher status was not sacrificed, as in this instance at Teotihuacan. It’s also interesting, and a little unsettling, that more human sacrifices were found than animal sacrifices.

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