“patriotic” acts as people from China go to London buy arts

a image of $68 million vase from livecitizen.com

a image of $68 million vase from livecitizen.com


China has a long history and comparatively a long history means a more richness of arts. However there was a time when a lot of Chinese art were leaked out of the country for all kinds of reasons. So I find an article which it meanly talks about how people from China come to London buy arts. And because so many Chinese come to buy those arts, the price trends to go up.

A comparatively small auction house called Bainbridges become famous because it sold a vase that was prized $68 million in 2010. $68 million might be a small number to a country but it is a unbelievable number for an art. Some people might say that arts are priceless so $68 million is acceptable. On the other hand, $68 million is a number good enough to build couple hospitals or charitable organizations that might save people’s life. Eskenazi, a 50-years experience Asian art dealer, said this kind of action is very patriotic.

Retrieving arts that were lost and putting them back to where they were or put them into a museum is indeed patriotic. In this article Eskenazi also said, “They want to bring back their heritage, which gives them brownie points at home and if they buy it for a lot of money, there’s a status thing there too.” Though this article did not mention what those collectors do with those arts they bought, I will take a blind but reasonable guess that most of they would put those arts as personal collections.Is it truly patriotic? You tell me.

To me, arts are valuable because it’s beauty and the historical meaning under that beauty. Of course,  falsifying the history can be another issue. However as long as people can read that piece of art and understand its history, it does not matter where the art is for now.

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