Anglo-Saxon Hoard Discovered in 2009, Sent to US Museum

An article from National Geographic “Stafforshire Hoard: Magical Mystery Treasure” discusses an Anglo-Saxon gold and weapons stash found buried in England in 2009. The weapons and gold worth 5.3 million dollars and the article discusses the reason why such valuable treasures would be buried and damaged by their owners. The article says that the exact reason is a mystery. The soldiers who found the loot could have either been hiding it with the intentions of going back to get it, or more realistically, as argued by the article, the treasure was buried as part of a religious ceremony. The pagan Anglo-Saxons believed in many gods and spirits and the article says that the treasure’s destruction represents, “the donor’s irrevocable surrender of the valuable weapon’s use.” This “surrender” was done because of the soldier’s belief in “malicious elves, and many charms” that were placed upon soldiers who have killed in battle. This argument seems reasonable but I think it is wise for the article to conclude that the true reason for the burial can never be known.

The article “Staffordshire Hoard to be sent to America” from the Birmingham Mail website talks about how the hoard is now being sent to an American museum in order to spark interest in a National Geographic documentary on the subject that comes out in November. The hoard is also being sent to America to spark interest in tourism to England’s Staffordshire and Birmingham “to view the region’s rich history.”  I think this exhibit will be popular because of the natural allure of gold people have. I also think Anglo-Saxon history is an intriguing topic for many people as this term has become so loaded in modern society, and people will desire to know more about the origins of this culture/race. This is perhaps an ingenious plan to create more tourism revenue in England. Hopefully people will be persuaded into going to the museum to see the gold, and leave with a broader understanding of history and culture.








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  1. rcdegraaff says:

    These blog is very intriguing to me because it makes me think of all the hidden treasures that are still out there, waiting to be discovered. Every new treasure that is found has its own unique story and can unveil a different part of history that was previously unrecognized or unknown. While this treasure provides some insight into the pagan Anglo-Saxon rituals, the next discovered treasure might unlock other secrets. Discoveries like this keep history alive and well today.

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