The Downfall of Tourism in Egypt due to the Revolution

Tahrir Square; by Ruby Amatulla, in "What the Tahrir Square Has Brought: A Gift Wrapped in the Possibility of Making a Win-Win World"

Egypt is a land filled with many historical monuments and ruins, which are known for attracting tourists from all over the world.  Tourism, in fact, is a major part of the economy of country, accounting for as much as 12% of its revenues. But, lately tourism has been on the downfall ever since the revolution or the “ground zero” attacks at Tahrir Square in January 2011. Ironically enough, the after-effect of the revolution has made Tahrir square a major tourist attraction, as people come to witness the remains of the revolution. However, this revolution has affected tourism business in other neighboring towns such as Sharm-el Sheikh, where the inhabitants rely on tourism as their major source of income for their lives.  This downward trend of tourism has also affected the national airline carrier, Egypt Air, which has incurred losses as much as up to 80% of its revenues.

Many of the Egyptian citizens are unsure as to where this trend could lead in the future. However, the people do feel that all hope is not lost and that Egypt will eventually spring back and regain its popularity as a top tourist center.

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2 Responses to The Downfall of Tourism in Egypt due to the Revolution

  1. tnfeenstra says:

    I think it is horrible what the protests have done to the tourism industry in Egypt. My cousin went to Egypt a few summers ago and said it was absolutely breathtaking, but even then there were guards fully armed with M16s at all the major sites. I can only imagine how discomforting it must be to go there now as opposed to a few years ago when my cousin went. However, in time, it could create a new tourist spot. Look at Ground Zero-no one wanted to see the twin towers in New York before the September 11 attacks but now many people go to see Ground Zero. Perhaps people will want to see the site of all the protests and riots in a similar, though less reverent, fashion.

  2. kafleming says:

    In contrast, tourism in Greece has gone up, reaching 16.5 million visitors last year. One-fifth of the country’s GDP stems from the tourism market, and this increase is a glimmer of hope for a country with a struggling economy. The uprisings in Egypt have actually increased tourism in Greece because it is a convenient alternative for many Europeans, which make up a large percentage of Greece’s visitors. Greece aims to create 200,000 new jobs in tourism by 2021.

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